Semester: 7 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 15 hours
Field of study: Food Safety
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: ---
Contact person: dr inż.Monika Kowalska-Góralska monika.kowalska-goralska@upwr.edu.pl
Short description: Understanding the processes of water treatment intended for human consumption and economic purposes.
Full description: The course includes discussion of the ways of obtaining and purification in water used as drinking water, and used by the producers of fish. The course takes place starting the Water Treatment Plant in Wroclaw and the Centre stocking overwhelmed.
Bibliography: Vigneswaran S., Visvanathan C.: 1995, Water Treatment Processes: Simple Options. CRC Press, ISBN 9780849382833 Parson S., Jefferson B.: 2006. Introduction to Potable Water Treatment Processes, Blackwell Publishing, SBN-13: 978-1-4051-2796
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: Demonstrates basic knowledge of organic chemistry, inorganic BZ_W04 , General knowledge of agricultural technology and human impact on the rural environment BZ_W08 , Knows the basics of environmental protection and ecology BZ_W16 Skills: Performs under the direction of mentor simple task research or design and correctly interprets the results and draws conclusions BZ_U04 , It analyzes the physical, chemical and biological processes that occur during the production of raw materials and food BZ_U05 , Interfere with the processes for preparing food and water at all stages of choosing the appropriate method BZ_U16 Social competences: Able to work in a group, taking on different roles, especially in solving processes BZ_K03 , It is aware of the responsibility for the consequences of improperly led the technology of food production BZ_K06 , Knows the importance and impact of errors in the production of food BZ_K11
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Students with valid credit workout pass a written test part of the lecture (20 questions). Included is 45 minutes. If the test is not counted in the first term the student is entitled to re-sit it orally or in writing within a bugfix.

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