Semester: Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Bioinformatics
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: prof. dr hab. Joanna Szyda
Short description: Presentation of three packages for statistical data analysis with regard to their use in the operating systems Windows and Linux.
Full description: the application of statistical packages, preparing figures, real data editing, the interpretation of results of the statistical data analysis, the interpretation of figures, elements of handling large data sets
Bibliography: 1.; 2.
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: Knows how to interpret results of biological analyses BI_W04, Has the knowledge allowing for the application of elementary mathematical and computer science tools to describe and interpret biological phenomena and processes BI_W14, Has the knowledge of elementary research techniques and tools used in mathematics, statistics, biology to conduct experiments and analysis of biological data BI_W15 Skills: Applies basic techniques of computer science: can work in various operating systems, knows how to use various software applications, can create simple computer programs and design biological databases BI_U01, Applies basic techniques and research tools in the field of mathematical statistics: knows how to formulate a correct hypothesis, knows how to select the appropriate statistical test, knows how to interpret test results, knows how to model biological data BI_U03, Applies basic mathematical and computer methods to describe and interpret the results obtained in the analysis of biological data BI_U07 Social competences: Is able to work in a group assuming different roles BI_K03
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: One mark is given for the course, which includes lectures and labs depending on the number of students enrolled, the grade is based on: class attendance, activity during the classes and the individually assigned project.

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