Semester: 5 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 10 / 20 hours
Field of study: Biology
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: Biology, Behavior of Animals
Contact person: dr inż. Maria Soroko
Short description: The student learns basic research ethological methods. Classes include topics: instincts, reflexes and senses in the context of the horse behaviour. The student becomes familiar with the natural forms of behavior of horses, as well as the human impact on certain forms of behavior. The subject also includes social organization of horses - the herd hierarchy as well as various forms of equine behavior: aggressive, self-preservative and sickness. The horse behavior in the context of welfare and variability of mental behavior of horses associated with the husbandry and performance (stereotype).
Full description: Terms of horses survival in the environment, horses sensory function, the behavior of horses in the stables and pasture, behavior play and learning, methods of communication with horses, natural horsemanship, stereotypies in horses. Rules of European Union on keeping, use and welfare of horse.
Bibliography: Miller R.M.: Imprint training. Western Horseman Inc., 1998;
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: knows the biological processes that determine horse behavioural patterns has basic knowledge of the functioning of the sensory organs of horses. Skills: can independently carry out behavioural assessment of the horse. is able to determine the impact of the environment on the behaviour of horses and the presence of stereotypes. Social competences: is aware of the responsibility for the safety of people working with horses. is aware of the ethics of professions in the equitation.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: The basis of completion of the course is a written exam. Knowledge (W1, W2) is verified on the basis of four problem questions. Three of the questions must be answered correctly. The duration of the exam is 45 min. If a student fails the exam, he/she is entitled to retake it.The second try must take place in the period covering the exam session.

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