Semester: 1 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Animal Science
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: prof. dr hab. Joanna Szyda
Short description: The course describes basic statistical terms, tests and statistical data modeling techniques.
Full description: Populations and samples, hypotheses testing, parameter estimation, experimental design, the most commonly used statistical tests, linear regression, nonlinear regression, determine the quality of the fit equation of linear and nonlinear regression, correlation, elements of statistical modeling, model selection, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance.
Bibliography: 1. Collett, D. (1991) Modelling Binary Data, Chapmann and Hall 2. Draper, N.R., Smith, H. (1998) Applied Regression Analysis, Wiley 3. Hawkins, D. (2005) Biomeasurement. Understanding, analysing, and communicating data in the biosciences. Oxford University Press 4. Ruxton and Colegrave (2003) Experimental design for the life sciences.
Learning outcomes: After course completion In area of knowledge: 1. The student has extensive knowledge of applied statistics and research methodology. In area of skills: 1. The student knows how to find, understand, analyze and use the information contained in breeding documentation. 2. The student knows how to prepare oral presentations in Polish and foreign language, in the fields of science related to scientific disciplines relevant to animal breeding. In area of social competences: 1.The student understands the need life long learning, is able to work in a team.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: One mark is given for the course, which includes lectures and labs depending on the number of students enrolled, the grade is based on: class attendance, activity during the classes and the individually assigned project.

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