Semester: 4 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 0 / 0 hours
Field of study: Animal Science
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: dr inż. Anna Zielak-Steciwko
Short description: Cattle husbandry and cattle breeding. Technological aspects of milk and beef production.
Full description: Place and economical meaning, utilization types and breeds of cattle. Technological aspects of bovine production. Cattle reproduction. Factors conditioning value of milk and meat performance features. Analysis of an effectiveness of milk and meat production. Basis of an assessment of cattle utilization features.
Bibliography: 1) Ball PJH, Peters AR. Reproduction in cattle, 3rd ed., Blackwell Publishing, 2007 2) Marek RE. Dairy Cows: Nutrition, Fertility and Milk Production. Wyd. Nova Science Publishers, 2011 3) Drake DJ. Understanding and improving beef cattle carcass quality. Wyd.ANR Publications, 2004
Learning outcomes: After course completion In area of knowledge 1. Student has general knowledge in the field of cattle breeding. 2. Student has general knowledge in the field of cattle husbandry. 3. Student has general knowledge in the field of cattle production technology. In area of skills 1. Student has an ability of searching, understanding, analysis and application of needed information from breeding documentation. 2. Student performs under scientific tutor direction simple project task concerning widely understood cattle breeding, properly interprets results and draws conclusions. Student analyses biological processes accompanying cattle utilization. 3. Student is able to make an assessment of an effectiveness of bovine milk and livestock production. Student presents an ability of interference in particular stages of cattle breeding and is able for elimination of threats using suitable methods. In area of social competences 1. Student is aware of the responsibility for the results of improperly led cattle breeding. 2. Student is able to conduct cattle breeding in an aware and responsible manner taking care of their proper maintenance, health and safety. 3. Student is aware of a need of an additional tranking and self-improvement in a range of cattle breeding.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Course completion: Students who have practicals completed are obliged to undertake written test during the exam session. Knowledge will be verified based on the exam lasting 90 minutes. When the exam is not passed in the first term, student has the right to pass it again in the second term. Practicals completion: Kowledge, skills and compenences will be verified based on 2 written tests (graded), and based on current progress and activity (oral statements and tasks). The presence on practicals is obligatory (only one unjustified absence is allowed during the whole semester). In case of unjustified absence, student is obliged to pass suitable part of material during consultations. Practicals are completed based on average grade from tests.

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