Semester: 1 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 20 hours
Field of study: Animal Science
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person: dr Maja Słupczyńska
Short description: Subject „ Physiology of nutrition and absorption” includes issues of physiological processes have place in gastrointestinal tract of livestock animals (cattle, pigs and poultry). Digestion, absorption of nutrients and regulatory processes of intake water, nutrients and minerals.
Full description: The course of physiological processes regulating the feed and water intake by three main species of livestock (cattle, pigs and poultry). The course of digestion and absorption in particular parts of the digestive tract. Physiological processes occurring during the minerals and vitamins absorption and the processes of fermentation in different sections of the digestive tract. Metabolic and deficiency diseases in the livestock.
Bibliography: ANIMAL NUTRITION : Mc Donald P., Edwards R.A., Greenhalgh J.F., R Edwards R., Liam Sincler & Robert Wilkinson; Perentice Hall; 7 edition ,2010
Learning outcomes: After course completion In area of knowledge: 1. The student has an extended knowledge on the biology of animals considering the digestion and absorption processes occurring in cattle, swine and poultry. 2. The student shows a detailed knowledge about the animal production with regard to three main species of farm animals. In area of skills 1. On the basis of acquired knowledge studentis able to introduce the necessary modifications in the system of animal nutrition. 2. Student is able to assess the both state of the environment and the health of animals as well as is able to choose the appropriate methods of their improving. In area of social competences: 1. The student understands the necessity to improve the qualifications through the lifetime, can cooperate in a group. 2. The student has consciousness of the responsibility for the production of the high quality foods, animal welfare, and for the creation and the state of the environment. 3. The student knows the activities allowing the both risks reduction and anticipation the effects of activity in the aspect of widely understood farming and the environment.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: The basis for complete the subject is passing the exercises. The pass mark of exercise is the presence of all classes, and to prepare the student to the topic. To complete the course are required to acquire the required skills, representing the proper attitudes by the student and getting good ratings out of three tests. Each exercise is categorized after checking its correctness. Last 3 topics will be assessed on the assessment of which will be drawn representing the average final grade. Sudent can have one unexcused absence during exercises in the semester. However, the student should make up for this exercise with another group or embedded include exercise in leading to confirm the skills and competencies in the topic of exercises. The absence during sick confirm with certificate form doctor means pass of an exercise. However, the student should make up for this exercise with another group or pass exercise at teacher to confirm the skills and competencies in the topic of exercises.

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