Course ID: BZO-SE>HB2
Semester: 6 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 15 hours
Field of study: Animal Science
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person: dr inż. Anna Zielak-Steciwko
Short description: Organizational aspects of cattle breeding. Asssessmeent of utilization and breeding value of cattle.
Full description: Cattle husbandry – organizational aspects. Breeding methods used in cattle husbandry. Assessment of utilization value of cattle. Breeding documentation. Assessment of breeding value of cattle. Realization of breeding aims – programs of genetic improvement of cattle. Project of cattle breeding and husbandry.
Bibliography: 1) Rekik B. Intensive Selection in Holstein Cattle: Evolution of Genetic Gains. Wyd. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH KG, 2012 2) Dairynz (Organization). DairyNZ body condition scoring: the reference guide for New Zealand dairy farmers, 1st ed. Wyd. Hamilton N.Z., 2012
Learning outcomes: After course completion In area of knowledge 1. Student has detailed knowledge in the range of cattle breeding and husbandry. 2. Student has detailed knowledge in the range of technology of milk and beef production. 3. Student knows the aims and methods of realizator of local cattle breeds protection in Poland. In area of skills 1. Student has an ability of searching, understanding, analysis and application of needed information from breeding documentation. 2. Student makes use of ability of analysis of factors conditioning breeding and utilization of local cattle breeds with an application of critical elements. 3. Student is able to perform an assessment of breeding environment conditions and health status and to conduct essential maintenance practices in cattle. In area of social competences 1. Student is aware of the responsibility for the results of improperly led cattle breeding. 2. Student is aware of a need of an additional training and self-improvement in a range of cattle breeding and husbandry.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Course completion: Students who have practicals completed are obliged to undertake written test during the exam session. Knowledge will be verified based on the test lasting 45 minutes (questions from the scope of lectures content.). When the test is not passed in the first term, student has the right to pass it again in the second term.

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