Course ID: BZO-SE>OŚ
Semester: 2 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Animal Science
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person: dr Magdalena Senze magdalena.senze@upwr.edu.pl
Short description: Threats to the environment caused by pollution.
Full description: Issues relating to quality basic changes geospheres. Students practically acquainted with substances and activities of the deteriorating quality of the environment. They learn methods to assess the quality of the environment based on the results of laboratory tests.
Bibliography: https://www.nao.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/A-Short-Guide-to-Environmental-protection-and-sustainable-development.pdf
Learning outcomes: After course completion In area of knowledge 1. The student has a general knowledge of the chemical and physical processes occurring in the environment. 2. The student has a general knowledge concern to environment protection. 3. The student has knowledge about the impact of livestock on the environment and possible hazards. In area of skills: 1. The student is able to assess the state of the environment. In area of social competences: 1. The student is able to take responsibility for the safety and protection of animals and the environment. 2. The student is aware of the responsibility for the consequences of an improperly conducted animal husbandry.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Completion of the course: students with credit exercises automatically receive course credit.

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