Semester: 1 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Landscape Architecture
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: dr inż. arch. Anna Bocheńska-Skałecka;
Short description: Student learns basic rules of urban landscape shaping in various scale with special regard to strategic operations in field of activation of public spaces.
Full description: City – notions. Transformations in urban structure. Space egality rules. Social structure of a town. Indexes of exploitation of urban space. Rules of urban development. Houses estates and open spaces in town. Public spaces – features and design rules. Urban plazas. Parks. Pocket parks. Campuses. Water in town: esthetic and utilitarian aspects, pro-ecological usage of water in urban space. Urban transport – design problems. Solution of transport problem – in the past and today. Town borders. Suburbs. Urban sprawl. Social participation i urban space shaping.
Bibliography: "1. Carmona M., Heath T., Taner O., Tiesdell S., 2003: Public Places – Urban Places. The Dimensions of Urban Design. Oxford: Architectural Press; 2. Cooper Marcus C.C, Francis C, 1998: People places : design guidelines for urban open space.  New York : John Wiley & Sons; 3. Gehl J., 1987: Life between buildings: Using public space. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold; "
Learning outcomes: "Knowledge: - knows elementary rules of spatial, functional and technical city structure, knows principle of city development and city functioning AK2-W02 - forms characteristic of good public space according to various objects lokalizacji i cech fizycznych przestrzeni AK2-W04; AK2-W13 - zna zasady projektowania terenów otwartych w mieście AK2-W04 Skills: - analyses urban space taking into account environmental, cultural, social, technical and economic conditions in various scales AK2-U05 - programs and designs urban open spaces relating used solutions to existing space in systemic way AK2-U02 acquires information relevant to project task from various sources AK2-U04 Social competences - is aware of systemic space functioning and results of designing operations in urban structure AK2-K01, AK2-K07; AK2-K013, AK2-K012 - is aware of user’s role in the process of designing, implementing and use of space AK2-K03 AK2-K02 - is able to work in a group on a designing task in effective way AK2-K055"
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: students with valid pass a written examination in the session. If the exam is not counted for the first time a student has the right to re-sit it orally or in writing.

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