Semester: 6 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 45 hours
Field of study: Landscape Architecture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Prerequisites: -
Contact person: dr inż Marta Weber-Siwirska;
Short description: The idea of green architecture, the design of greenery in combination with architectural objects and, in particular, green roofs and green walls.
Full description: During the course there will be presented the idea of green architecture, functions of greenery in the city and its different forms in connection with the objects of architecture with particular emphasis on green roofs and walls. There will be discussed different types of solutions in design, materials and greenery selection for use on green roofs and walls. During classes students preapare projects of a green roof and a green wall. There will be also outdoor workshops with intention to discuss and see chosen design solutions.
Bibliography: 1. Blanc P.: The vertical garden. From nature to the city, Norton & Company, London / New York 2008; 2. Rooftop Garden, Hong Kong Architecture Science Press, Gingko Press, Berkeley 2013;3. Thoren R.: Landscapes of change: innovative designs and reinvented sites, Timber Press, Portland / London 2014; 4. Molntyre L., Snodgrass E.C.: The green roof manual: a professional guide to design, installation, maintenance, Timber Press, Portland / London 2010. 5. Dunnett N. & Kingsbury N.: Planting green roofs & living walls, Timber Press, Portland / London 2008.
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: Student knows the specified range of issues related to technological development, interactive spaces and innovative trends in interior design [AK1 - W28] Skills: Student is able to solve the basic problems of the design concerning selection of green integrated with architecture [AK1 - U18] Student can, based on increased knowledge, solve some problems with the design concerning integrated with architecture greenery [AK1 - U27] Social competences: Student understands the need for further education and expansion of the acquired knowledge and skills in design of usable and artistic spatial compositions [AK1 - K18]
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Grade obtained at classes 60 (project, prestentation, poster) + grade obtained at lectures 40 (exam)

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