Semester: 3 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 30 hours
Field of study: Landscape Architecture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person: dr inż. Łukasz Pardela;
Short description: Practical and theoretical classes for begginers. The student after completing the course should acquire skills in landscape architecture BIM (i.a. gardens, public squares or other public spaces.) including: land configuration, land cover, vegetation, garden furnishing and garden architecture, lightning and texturing, basic dimensioning and describing of drawings in 2-D, 3-D visualization, and design drawing layouts composition for publishing and presentation. Additional information: Students use their own tech (in a classroom/blended-learning) and an English version of the Vectorworks 64 bit software (Student version avaible on-line free of charge).
Full description: Introduction to the Vectorworks Landscape, BIM (Building Information Modeling - recommended by the Technical Committee of EU) design process. Software environment characteristic. User settings, user interface, navigation and user tools. Working with files, folders and objects inside the Vectorworks. Working with layers. Working in different build-in environments (Landcape etc.). Basics of modeling related to the landscape-specific garden structures (shade structures, walls, terraces, benches, railings, stairs, etc.). Basic modifications of the 2-D and 3-D objects. Terrain modeling. Creating materials and textures. Scene lighting. Preparing of layout for general and detailed plan drawings. Rendering setups for landscape exteriors in the build-in 3-D Renderworks module.
Bibliography: 1. The Vectorworks 2015 User's Guide, pp.1940, 2. The Vectorworks Sample files. 3. Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark, Tamsin, S., Publisher Nemetschek North America, pp. 269. 4. WWW. Nemetschek online resources.
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: W1 – has basic knowledge in the range of visualizing of the landscape architecture design ideas using the BIM techniques [AK1_W25]. W2 - has detailed knowledge concerning developmental trends in field of landscape architecture and some related fields [AK1 – W08]. W3 - knows of some specific issues related to maintenance of green areas (AK1 – W26]. Skills: U1- is able to prepare design drawing set according to the formal requirements presented in both drawing and technical description [AK1 – U10]. Social competences: K1 – is able to create design visualizations, manage and use of reference sources, methods and materials in accordance with the applicable scene creation rules [AK1 – K11]. K2 - is prepared to work in a team and cooperate with the persons effects on content, function and the form of landscape [AK1 – K13].
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Final examination - 50, pass classes (all modules) -50, attendance (withat least 75).

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