Semester: 5 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 30 hours
Field of study: Civil Engineering
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Prerequisites: strength of materials, structural mechanics, metal structures I
Contact person: dr inż. Kamil Pawłowski
Short description: Axially and eccentrically loaded columns. Steel beams. Structures of steel halls. Joints of steel frames. Column bases.
Full description: Build-up steel columns. Trusses. Steel industrial halls – structural framing, bracings. Roofs and walls of industrial steel halls. Design of steel frame joints. Fire and rustproofing of steel structures
Bibliography: Worked examples for the design of steel structures. Building Research Establishment. The Steel Construction Institute. BRE ISBN 0 85126 563 9. 1994. 2. Chanakya Arya: Design of Structural Elements. Third Edition. Concrete, steelwork, masonry and timber designs to British Standards and Eurocodes. 2009. 3. E Fattorini, M. Bandini, F. Cattaneo, S. Pustorino: Practical application of Eurocode 3 to multi-storey buildings with steel 'sway frame' structures. European Commission, European Communities. ISBN 92-828-2316-4. 1998. 4. LEROY GARDNER and DAVID A. NETHERCOT: DESIGNERS’ GUIDES TO THE EUROCODES DESIGNERS’ GUIDE TO EUROCODE 3: DESIGN OF STEEL BUILDINGS EN 1993-1-1, -1-3 and -1-8. Second edition. ICE Publishing. ISBN 978-0-7277-4172-1. 2011. 5. Eurocode 1990: Basis of structural design. 6. Eurocode 1991: Actions on structures. 7. Eurocode 1993: Design of steel structures - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings. 8. Eurocode 1993: Design of steel structures - Part 1-8: Design of joints.
Learning outcomes: Knows guidelines of efficient design of uniform build-up columns, trusses, steel industrial halls knows how to construct steel frame connections, knows how to realize non-preloaded and preloaded field bolted joints, understands rules of work of rigid and semi-rigid bolted joints Knows how fire and corrosion affects steel structures Skills Is able to analyze stability and limit states of complex steel bar structures (build-up columns, trusses, frames) in scope of assessment of critical states and limit states; is able to design selected steel structures Is able to design welded or non-preloaded and preloaded bolted joints Is able to design fire and rustproofing of steel structures Social competences Understands the importance of right design of metal structures in terms of safety
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: completion of design project, a written exam lectures 50%, classes 50%

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