Semester: 1 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 0 / 30 hours
Field of study: Land Management
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Prerequisites: None.
Contact person: dr inż. Jacek Markowski
Short description: Information Technology is a blended learning course on the Moodle platform. The course includes four modules for individual work divided into thematic blocks: • Module 1: Elements of Web 2.0; participatory culture. • Module 2: Information Technology Fundamentals, (interface of user’s, word processing, open source software). • Module 3: Word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation of the content. • Module 4: Computer graphics: vector and raster, 2D and 3D • Module 5/topic/separate online course for teamwork.
Full description: Internet applications, spreadsheets, word processing tools, raster graphics and vector graphics tools, design and use of databases, copyright, teamwork
Bibliography: • Content of the online course „Information Technology” (142 multi presentations, activities and sources): Authors: J. Markowski, A. Majchrzak, J. Markowska • Course materials of EITCA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES KEY COMPETENCIES PROGRAM in categories: • EITC / BI / MSO10: Office package Microsoft Office • EITC / BI / BAS: Use of IT in the enterprise / administration • EITC / INT / ITAF: Use of Internet Technology • EITC / INT / JOOM: Web Design • EITC / DB / DDEF: Databases and Data Engineering • EITC / CN / CNF: Network Technologies • EITC / BI / TF: Teleworking systems • EITC / BI / CAPMF: Project Management • EITC / IS / ISCF: Information Security Technologies • as defined on[v1r1]
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Students have general knowledge of IT, are able to define the concepts of ICT, can show and recognize services in information networks, know how to use a spreadsheet, edit texts, use raster and vector graphics tools, know the basics of databases, give examples of specialized software in their field of study Skills Students creatively use Internet information sources and services in computer networks, use quasi cloud computing, know how to format the documents using styles, design and perform calculations and basic analysis of data using a spreadsheet formulas, filters, and the graphics module. Students prepare screen presentations showing the results of their work with web applications, are able to analyze and solve problems and justify the choice of tools, under supervision of the instructor. Social competences Students can work both individual and in teams using the available network applications, can recognizes the importance of professional and ethical responsibility for the use and information processing.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: grade obtained during individual work (50%) + grade obtained in teamwork (50%)

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