Semester: 3 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 30 hours
Field of study: Environmental Engineering
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: Soils mechanic, Waste management, Waste landfills
Contact person: PhD Krzysztof Lejcuś,
Short description: Course presents various aspects of landfills reclamation. Discusses the law issues, technical solutions landfill cappingl, the necessary infrastructure in the after-closure phase, principles of monitoring. Reclamation of old dumps and landfills that do not meet current environmental standards are presented, too.
Full description: Course content: The concept of reclamation, its objectives, scope and directions. The problem of old landfills. Legal aspects of reclamation. The materials used in reclamation. Landfill closure. Assurance of slopes stability. Protection against erosion - biological cover. Geotechnical problems of reclamation. Leachate and landfill gas in the after-closure phase. Biological reclamation in mining of coal and lignite .. Preparation and acquisition of soils, waste use for reclamation. Selection and introduction of vegetation. Plants succession phases. Pioneering plants. Bioindicators. Care and maintenance of the terrain. Monitoring.
Bibliography: 1. Council Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste 2. Environmental Engineering. Sixth Edition. John Willey & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2009 3. LaMoreaux P.E. and others: Environmental Hydrogeology, Second Edition CRC Press, Taylor&Francis Group, , 2009 4. 5.
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Student has ordered knowledge of the fundamental aspects of technical, technological, environmental, legal and economic issues associated with the rehabilitation of landfills and devastated areas and the production of biomass for energy purposes IŚ2A _W13_GO Skills is able to develop the concept of technical and biological landfill or brownfields reclamation; knows how to distinguish and choose the plants species, which are to be used in the restoration and production of biomass for energy purposes IŚ2A_U20_GO Social competences It is aware of the necessity to follow the progress of science and technology in solving problems relating to the protection and development of the environment, understand the need to inform the public on different aspects of engineering activity IŚ2A_K02
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: grade obtained at classes (60%) + grade obtained at lectures (40%)

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