Course title: HYDROGEOLOGY
Semester: 3 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 30 hours
Field of study: Environmental Engineering
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: Fluid mechanics
Contact person: PhD Jolanta Dąbrowska, jolanta.dabrowska@upwr.edu.pl
Short description: Students will acquire the basic knowledge in the field of geology and detailed in terms of hydrogeology (geological processes, age of the Earth, origin and systematics of groundwater, chemistry and quality of groundwater, hydrogeological parameters of the geological deposits; the dynamics of groundwater, groundwater resources)
Full description: Fundamentals of dynamic geology (endogenous and exogenous processes) and historical (age of the Earth, geology of Poland). The geological conditions of occurrence of groundwater. Origin and systematics of groundwater. Basic physical and hydrogeological properties of geological deposits. Properties of groundwater. Anthropogenic threat of groundwater. Hydrogeological maps. Hydraulic gradient and critical hydraulic gradient. Darcy’s law and the scope of its validity. Methods for determining the coefficient of permeability. The dynamics of groundwater (flow to the ditch and wells). Flow nets. Groundwater resources.
Bibliography: Fetter C.W. Applied Hydrogeology (4th Edition), Prentice Hall, 2001. Porges R. E., Hammer M. J. Compendium of Hydrogeology. National Ground Water Association, 2001. Kresic. N. Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling, Second Edition. CRC Press, 2006. Czamara A., Kowalski J., Molski T.: 2005: Hydrogeologia inżynierska z podstawami gruntoznawstwa. Skrypt AR we Wrocławiu. Kowalski J.: 2007. Hydrogeologia z podstawami geologii. Wyd. AR Wrocław. Macioszczyk A.: 2016. Podstawy hydrogeologii stosowanej. PWN, Warszawa. WWW.leaner.org/interactives/dynamicearth
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Student has basic knowledge in the field of geology and specialized in the field of hydrogeology; knows: geological processes; hydrogeological parameters of the soil types; the basic laws of groundwater motion; knows the methods of determining groundwater resources. IŚ1A_W10 Skills Is able to identify phenomena that affect the environment (among others: determine: the reach of drainage facilities, assess the risks of groundwater). IŚ1A_U03 is able to prepare the development of the dynamic extent of groundwater - calculate: the intensity of the flow of water into drainage ditches, wells and group of wells; calculate groundwater resources; be able to: determine the hydrogeological parameters of the soil types; use of thematic maps; make a hydrogeological cross-section and hydrogeological maps. IŚ1A_U09 Social competences Is aware of the responsibility for own work and a willingness to comply with the principles of teamwork and responsibility for jointly implemented tasks IŚ1A_K02
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: 60% grade obtained at classes and 40% grade obtained at lectures

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