Semester: 2 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 30 hours
Field of study: Environmental Engineering
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: soil mechanics, waste management
Contact person: dr hab. krzysztof.lejcus, krzysztof.lejcus@upwr.edu.pl
Short description: Student gains the knowledge on the process of landfills designing (legal and social aspects, rules of such facilities location, construction issues and environment protection solutions used during operation and after closure of the landfill). Student is able to choose the location and can design a landfill (construction, operation, closure of the landfill, monitoring).
Full description: Basic law on the landfills construction - EU and Polish legislation. Waste properties relevant for landfilling. Landfills types location. Landfill equipment and infrastructure. Environmental impact of a landfill. Sealing of a landfill. Leachate - properties, methods of removal. Generation, recognition, characterization and utilization of landfill gas. Municipal solid waste landfills operation rules. Inert and hazardous waste landfills. Underground storage of waste. Closure and reclamation of a landfill. Monitoring. Sanitation of old landfills.
Bibliography: 1. Council Directive 1999/31/EC of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste. 2.https://www.epa.ie/pubs/advice/waste/waste/EPA_landfill_site_design_guide.pdf 3. www.landfillsdesign.com 4. Environmental Engineering. Sixth Edition. John Willey & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2009 5. LaMoreaux P.E. and others: Environmental Hydrogeology, Second Edition CRC Press, Taylor&Francis Group, , 2009
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Student has theoretically supported detailed knowledge on the location and design of landfills; He knows the basic methods, techniques and materials used in solving complex engineering tasks related to the construction of landfills. IŚ2A _W08_GO Skills He can evaluate location of a landfill; knows how to prepare the data for the formal and legal documents related to the construction of the landfill, he knows how to develop a conceptual design of a landfill and elements of its infrastructure as well as data for other engineering branches, which have to participate in the design IŚ2A_U15_GO Social competences Student is aware of the social and environmental waste landfill impact in the waste management system; he knows about necessity to limit the landfill impact on the environment He is aware, that cooperation with the local community is necessary from the earliest phases of the investment process; He is able to work in a team and be responsible for his own work and the work of others; can communicate with the group in order to exchange professional knowledge; he has defined views on social issues, he can take a position and be independent in his views. IŚ2A_K01 IŚ2A_K02 IŚ2A_K03
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: grade obtained at classes (60%) + grade obtained at lectures (40%)

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