Semester: Winter
Lectures/Classes: 0 / 15 hours
Field of study: Veterinary Medicine
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: dr Robert Karczmarczyk
Short description: The aim of the course is to get the students known about general economy rules and precisely veterinary market. Students know economical mechanisms of macro- and microeconomy. They know the free market system in Poland EU and world range.
Full description: Students know how to assess the bussines environmet for their own company. They are prepared to start they own bussines or to work as a employee in private company or in state veterinary service. They also know the junctions between the level of society standard living and service market profitability. Students know methods of estimation of the market on the county, voivodship and country level.
Bibliography: 1. “Economics” , Soman 2. “Core economics”, Stone 3. “Veterinary practice management. A practical guide”, M. Shilcock , Saunders 2005 4. “Managing Veterinary Practice”, Caroline Jevring-Back, Saunders Elsevier 2007
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: - describes and defines the condition of production efficcy - describes the economical procedure and limits the costs - points out different types of service and items from economical point of view Skills: - can measure the local service market value - do the research of potencial demand and supply of suply - can calculate the service value and can set a VAT invoice and keeps financial and medical record Social competences: - can assess tanimal health status from economical point of wiev (companion and farm animals) - can make up the decision based on veterinary and economical
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Credit upon the written team work (100%). Student has to be present at all classes or retake the and pass the absent hours by given directions).

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