Semester: 6 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 0 / 45 hours
Field of study: Food Technology and Human Nutrition
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: Mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering graphics, science of mechanics, process engineering, food technology
Contact person: dr hab. Joanna Kolniak-Ostek
Short description: During the course, the student prepare technical and technological project of production line, starting with the development of technology by calculating the mass balance, selection of machinery and equipment. Draw up a schedule of work equipment, methods of transportation, calculate the demand for warehouse space and performs plan of production hall and warehouse.
Full description: Basic concepts related to the investment process production unit (company, department, production line). The role of the engineer technologist in the process of investment. The design documentation project. The design process. Choice of production method. Selection of technological devices. Statement of the production line. The organization of the production process. Designing of magazines. Designing internal transport. Guidelines for the production control system. Plan spatial distribution of the production process. Technical and economic indicators designed production unit.
Bibliography: 1. Bilska B., Grzesińska W., Tomaszewska M.: Development of technologies of food processing plants. Ed. Warsaw Agricultural University, 2011. 2. Outline design of food processing plants. Edited by Mieczyslaw Dłużewskiego. Warsaw, WNT 1987. 3. Joseph Szarawara, Jerzy Piotrowski: Fundamentals of chemical technology. Warsaw, WNT 2010. 4. Traitler, H., Coleman, B., Hofmann, K. .Food Industry Design, Technology and Innovation. IFT Press, 2014 5. Caldwell, D.G. Robotics and Automation in the Food Industry: Current and Future Technologies (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition), 2013 6.Fellows, P.J. Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice. Fourth Edition. (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition), 2017
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Student identifies the principles and methods involved in the design, able to define the design problem, identifies issues to develop, selects the procedure and methodology for the development of particular issues, explains the proposed project solutions, explains the course of the designed production process. Skills: Student performs mass balance process and performs simple engineering tasks. Student verifies the processes and production methods in terms of efficiency, selects technological, storage and transport equipment, developing a system for internal transport, is able to use the technical documentation of devices - available in the form of catalogs, draw up a spatial distribution of the production process. Student elaborate the technological project of the production unit (a small plant, branch, production line) associated with the food industry. Social competence (attitudes): Student is aware of the impact of the planned units on the surrounding environment, it is focused on reducing the energy intensity of the production process, Student sees the relationship between equipment design production unit, and the safety of employees, collaborates with other members of the project team, working individually and collectively, is aware of the responsibility for jointly implemented actions.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: individually made project 100%

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