Semester: 1 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Food Technology and Human Nutrition
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: optional
Prerequisites: Mathematics, statistics
Contact person:
Short description: Scientific problem and hypothesis formulation. Methods of scientific researches. Experimental technics and their optimalization. Designing experiments with statistical analysis of data. Undesirable factors in experiments. Conclusions on the basis of experimental works and statistical calculations.
Full description: Methods of scientific researches. Classification of experiments, Scientific problem and formulating of hypotheses, Verification of hypotheses Experimental design – sample selection, establish of experimental model. The choice of measurement method Experimental techniques and their optimization Rules for sampling and preparation of samples for testing, elimination of undesirable factors in experience. Analysis and preparation of experimental results for statistical analysis. Completely Randomized Experimental Design. A factorial experimental design Randomized Block Experimental Design Research of interdependence of quantitative and qualitative variables. Conclusion based on experimental and statistical calculations
Bibliography: Podstawy metodologii badań doświadczanych w nauce o żywieniu i żywności, Gawęcki J., Wagner W., PWN 1984 Metody statystyczne w doświadczalnictwie chemicznym, Czermiński J., Wasilewski , Paszek Z., Sikorski A., PWN 1974
Learning outcomes: Knowledge After completing the course student: knows methods of scientific researches, rules of planning and carrying out experimental works, distinguishes factors influencing explorating results, describes basic statistics procedures for calculating obtained results Skills: formulates hypotheses, plans and carry out biological experiments, chooses appropriate measuring methods, on the basis of statistical calculations verifies assumptions of experimental works Social competence (attitudes): is aware of the influence of undesirable factors on the results of experimental work , follow according to the rules of conducting researches, cares of appropriate course of works to get honest results
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: an weighted average note out of classes (25%) and written test (75%)

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