Semester: 7 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 15 hours
Field of study: Horticulture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person:
Short description: Students learn about the technology of cultivation of edible mushrooms with particular emphasis on the button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus).
Full description: Modern methods of edible mushrooms cultivation, production of growing media and spawn. Basic information about the nutritional value of cultivated edible and medicinal mushrooms, natural requirements, to shape the microclimate in the cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms, methods of harvesting and storage. Production rules economically important species of mushroom and the basic principles of cultivation of medicinal mushroom species.
Bibliography: Obligatory: 1. Stamets P. Growing gourmet and medicinal mushroom, Ten Speed Press 2000 2. Fletcher J. T., Gaze R. H. Mushroom Pest and Disease Control: A Color Handbook, CRC Press, 2007 3. Hobbs C. Medicinal mushrooms an exploration of tradition, healing and culture, Botanica Press Summertown, Tennessee 1995 4. Rai R.D. Arumuganathan T. Post harvest technology of mushrooms National Research Centre for Mushroom (ICAR) Chambaghat, Solan 2008 Optional: 1. MUSHROOMS AND HEALTH GLOBAL INITIATIVE BULLETIN 2. Atkins F. C. Mushroom Growing Today Read Books Ltd. 2013
Learning outcomes: Knowledge Student got knowledge of edible and medicinal mushrooms and methods of their cultivation. Has knowledge of microbiology necessary to understand the phenomena occurring in the environment under the influence of microorganisms, including the use of microbial processes in the practice horticulture (e.g. substrate production). Has ordered knowledge of mushroom cultivation technology and knowledge necessary for the organization of the protection mushrooms from diseases and pests. O1 – W11 O1 – W14 O1 – W15 O1 – W18 Skills able to use the technology of information technology in the acquisition and processing of information, building databases necessary to design and implement projects in the field of horticultural production of edible mushrooms It has the ability to determine the necessity of treatments to protect plants in crops of mushrooms and choice of means and methods of conducting, has the ability to select and plan technology used in gardening for best production results with particular emphasis on the quality of the final product and the economic analysis of the project, applies the principles of occupational safety and health in the implementation of processes related to the production of cultivated mushrooms. O1 – U01 O1 – U04 O1 – U06 O1 – U14 Social competences has awareness of the importance of training and self-development in new technologies in horticulture and understands the need for learning throughout life in order to improve the skills acquired during their studies, It is aware of the importance of social, professional and ethical responsibility for the production of horticultural crops of high quality, and shaping and the environment, Is able to correctly identify and solve problems related to the planning and execution of the production of cultivated mushrooms O1-K01 O1 – K03 O1 – K06
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: grade obtained at classes (60%) + grade obtained at lectures (40%)

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