Semester: 6 / Spring
Lectures/Classes: 0 / 15 hours
Field of study: Horticulture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person:
Short description: Practical using of the knowledge in the area of the fruit production which let to create projects and cultivation technologies to the small garden and agritourism farm. The projects of the garden with the selected technologies of the fruit production and less known species and old and ornamental cultivars.
Full description: Climatical and soil characteristic of basic and less known species fruit trees, berries Choice of species to the agritourism farm, a small garden in the area of the CIty Family Gardens and home garden. Cultivar description of the horticultural plants with the special focus using of the old and ornamental ones in the small garden production. Choice of rootstock for the fruit trees. Rules of the project of the small garden production, spacing for plant and agrotechnical methods on the small area of the horticultural production.
Bibliography: Hill. L. Perry L., 2011. The Fruitt Gardener's Bible; A Complete Giude to Growing Fruits and Nuts in the Home Garden. Press
Learning outcomes: The student has an knowledge about climatically requirements of the fruit trees and berries and the rules of their cultivation. The student is able to make a choice of the recommended species and varieties to the small garden production and agrotechnical methods of the fruit plants with special focus on the integrated plant protection. O1W09, O1W15, O1W16, O1W17 The student create a projects with the special focus on the selected species and cultivars suitable to the small garden production. It create a plan of the plant spacing in the in the small farm, the garden in the area of the “Rodzinne Ogrody Działkowe” and home garden. The student is able to make a agrotechnical work set connected with seedling, weeding and protecting of the plants in the small garden fruit production O1U03, O1U05, O1U08, O1U09, O1U11 The student understands a meaning of the small garden production in the present human life. He appreciates roles and owing of the small garden as a source of the fruit products and as a green area – the place of the meeting and rest. O1K01, O1K03, O1K06
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: 100% projects of the fruit production

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