Course ID: POG-SE>OA
Semester: 5 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 0 hours
Field of study: Horticulture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person:
Short description: The course covers an overview of grape varieties, methods of cultivation and the types of wine produced in selected regions of the wine world. Classes are divided into topic areas planted with vines on some continents, including consideration of their specific feature
Full description: The vine - growing position in the country and the world. The main growing regions species. The varieties grown in different regions of the world - the requirements, characteristics of fruit and wine. Ampelography of grape varieties. Grape variety and the characteristics of fruit and wine produced in specific regions of the world (North America, South America, Asia, Europe, other). Economic aspects of wine-growing in the world. Social and health aspects of wine consumption. The influence of wine on human health.
Bibliography: 3. Jackson R. The wine science. Elsevier. 2008.
Learning outcomes: Knowledge The student acquires knowledge of the physiology of vines, including regulatory mechanisms of life processes of plants, water management and adaptation to environmental conditions The student has knowledge of genetics and diversity of the genus Vitis The student has detailed knowledge of the technology running the vineyard in different climatic conditions O1-W04 O1-W15 Skills The student can assess the position under vines in the analysis of environmental factors affecting plant growth He can identify and specify the elements characteristic of the grape varieties O1-U05 O1-U13 Social comptences The student is aware of the importance of raising his knowledge and training in the field of new technologies in gardening. The student is aware of the importance of social, professional and ethical responsibility for the production of horticultural crops and their development The student is aware of the risk and is able to assess the social impact of the activity in the field of viticulture and wine production, as well as the responsibility for decisions O1-K01 O1-K03 O1-K04
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Exam - 50%, homework 50%

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