Semester: 5 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 30 hours
Field of study: Horticulture
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Contact person: dr inż. Piotr Chochura
Short description: Practical and theoretical knowledge abort growing media and soils used in horticultural production. There are discuss origin, production and physical and chemical properties of growing media and his usability for particular plants. In practical activities students makes peat neutralization curve, water acidification and knowledge about plant growing in different media.
Full description: Methods of cultivation of horticultural plants in soilless systems with regard to their impact on the quality of horticultural products and the environment. Physical, chemical and biological media. Characteristics of organic substrates, mineral and compost. Rules for their preparation and use in cultivation. Determination of basic chemical and physical parameters of substrates.
Bibliography: 1. Handreck K., Black N. 2005. Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf. 2. Raviv M. Soilless culture: Theory and Practice. Elsevier Science 2007
Learning outcomes: Knowledge: Student become familiar with theoretical and practical knowledge of technology horticultural plants growing, know growing media properties. Student is able to characterize physical, chemical and biological growing media properties and their impact on plant growth and development. Student is able to justify how chosen growing medium and technology production influence on yield and environment. O1-W04, O1-W08, O1-W09 Skills: Student knows the growing media and evaluate its properties. He can make growing medium neutralization curve and water acidification. One can detect and asses growing medium quality on physical and chemical parameters (pH and EC) base. Student can collect growing media and nutrient solutions samples One can prepare the proper recommendation for growing medium preparation for chosen plants and asses the effect of used technology on products quality and environment. O1-U06, O1-U08, O1-U09 Social competences: Student is able working in team in laboratory with safety regulations. One can shape and adjust the growing technology to make products with high biological value in environmental and people friendly way. O1-K01, O1-K06
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: grade obtained at classes (50%) + grade obtained at lectures (50%) writtem test

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