Semester: 2 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 15 hours
Field of study: Horticulture
Study cycle: 2nd cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person:
Short description: Course includes content related to new technologies driving viticlture and wine production in Polish climatic conditions. It includes introduction to oenology and overview of the latest solutions in the field and in the winery.
Full description: Grapevine - biology, origin, cultivars. Vine nursery. Requirements climatic and soil vines. Systems of the vineyard. The physiological changes that occur in fruits. Rating fruit maturity. Terms and method of harvesting the fruit. Laboratory methods for evaluating the maturity of the grapes. Principles of construction and operation of modern technological lines for the production of wine. Technologies collection, storage and use in wine farms. Economic and legal aspects of wine production, operation of farms enoturystycznych.
Bibliography: Jackson R. The wine science. Elsevier. 2008
Learning outcomes: Knowledge The student acquires knowledge of the establishment of the vineyard, sustainable grape growing and wine production technology. He knows the examples of the use of modern solutions for fruit production and processing of wine. The student knows and understands the economic benefits from the use of these solutions. The student has broadened and deepened knowledge of the planning and execution of horticultural production in the region of species and technologies not commonly used in practice, with a prospective nature O2-W01 O2-W11 O2-W01PO Skills The student can name and identify the elements necessary to establish a vineyard. The student knows the requirements of the climate and soil of the vine. The student can name and identify machinery and equipment necessary for the conduct of modern production of grapes. The student is able to plan production processes in the vineyard and grape processing. Is able to plan and carry out planting the vineyard in accordance with the principles of integrated production and integrated pest management. Student can choose a variant of a plant suitable for the chosen area of the climate, determine the most beneficial system running the vineyard and determine the optimal harvest date fruits The student is able to perform simple tests and trials related to the condition of the fruit. The student has basic skills in laboratory work in the winery. Able to plan, conduct, analyze and evaluate laboratory work and interpret the results O2-U01 O2-U02 O2 -U06 Social competences The student is aware of the validity of raising their knowledge and training in the field of new technologies in horticulture. The student acquires the ability to work independently and in a group, collaboration with other students during the preparation of the project, ability to organize joint work in the laboratory. The student is able to creatively work in a team as the person responsible for the final result of the work and the contractor of its task O2-K01 O2-K05
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: exam 50%, project 25%, laboratory report 25%

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