Semester: 3 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 15 / 15 hours
Field of study: Agricultural and Forestry Engineering
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: optional
Contact person: dr inż Anna Wondołowska-Grabowska
Short description: The course aims at determination of an appropriate plant selection and application of a proper system, technology or way in plant growing to achieve high yield size of high qualitative. Parameters. Environmental and economic conditions in shaping a technological process. The influence of changing farming technology elements in the process of modern crop Technologies on economic effect and quality of an industrial or energetic raw material. Integrated production and sustainable development in modern technologies of crop growing.
Full description: Systems, technologies and ways of crop growing. Modern Technologies in crop growing. Characteristics and economic significance of crop groups. Optimization of crop technology. The principles of integrated plant protection The assessment of nutritional and energetic value of the crops obtained. The significance of good agricultural practices. Legal and other regulations connected with crop production.
Bibliography: Sowinski J.: 2007. Analysis of modern technologies in power plants in the system. Proceedings of the IVth International Scientific Symposium on Electric Power Engineering, Elektroenergetika, Stara Lesna , Slovakia, 85-87. Crop production and management. Pavon-Pulido N., Lopez-Riquelme J. A., Morais R., Pastor J. A.2017. New trends in precision agriculture: a novel cloud-based system for enabling data storage and agricultural task planning and automation. Precision Agriculture, 18, 1038-1068.
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes: In the terms of knowledge: A student is aware of the fact how to combine and use the knowledge gained so far, including, among others, economy, agricultural technology and technique, as well as crop production. A student possesses theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of designing modern crop technologies with the use of up - to - date progress achievements in the realm of breeding, industry and organization. In the trms of skills: A student can obtain information on the literature and, data base, as well as to combine, interpret and apply them in designing a technological process of selected crop growing. A student can prepare a design of leading crop technologies, in the form of a presentation/ project, taking into account an appropriate selection of machines and industrial means of production. He is also able to assess nutritional and energetic value of harvested yields. In the terms of social competences: A student understands the need and knows the possibilities continuous updating of skills. A student acts as a professional. He knows and follows the rules of professional ethics.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Grade obtained at classes (60%) + grade obtained at lectures (40%)

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