Course title: MANAGEMENT
Semester: 1 / Winter
Lectures/Classes: 30 / 15 hours
Field of study: Production Engineering and Management
Study cycle: 1st cycle
Type of course: compulsory
Prerequisites: None
Contact person: Prof. Marek Prymon
Short description: The course is an introduction to the group of managerial courses. It explains an essence of organization and its functions. The core here is the subject of basic decisions made in particular subsystems of organization and methods used to prepare decisions.
Full description: Evolution of management as a field of studies. Organizations as systems and parts of systems. Societal and ethical responsibility of management. Principles of organization and management. Processes and functions of management. Work and organization management. Human resource development. Production and operation management. Strategic management.
Bibliography: Compulsory literrature: 1. Smith M.: Fundamentals of Management, McGraw Hill, London, 2007 2. Griffin R.W.: Fundamentals of management organizations. PWN, Warszawa 2004 3. Koźmiński A.K.,Piotrowski W. (red.), Management. Theory and practice. PWN, Warszawa 2005 Complementary literature: 1. Banaszyk P., Fundamentals of organization and management, WSHiR, Poznań 2002 2. Błaszczyk W. (red.), Methods of organization and management. Formation of organizational relationships, PWN,Warszawa 2005
Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes In terms of konwledge: 1. The student posses the knowledge about the science of management that is necessary in various forms of activities concerned with consumptions products and markets. He or she knows the principles of developing one's enterprenuership. In terms of skills: 1. Student posseses capability of understanding the basic processes of management. 2. He or she posseses capability of managing small enterprise. In terms of social competences: 1. He or she is conscious of manager’s responsibility for effects of functioning of an enterprise in environment and of responsibility for the employed staff.
Assessment methods and assessment criteria: Classes 60%, lectures 40%.

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